Tissues Offered

Sierra Donor Services Eye Bank is your non-profit, local ocular tissue provider and uniquely qualified to bring you personal, reliable and timely service.  We deliver safe, high-quality corneas, prepared to your specifications — when you need them.  At any hour of the day or night, we can respond immediately to your needs.


Full-thickness cornea grafts for penetrating keratoplasty procedures.


Partial thickness graft for posterior lamellar procedures. This tissue is pre-cut to surgeon specifications from 60µ – 140µ. Orientation markings can be made on the graft as requested.


Partial thickness graft for posterior lamellar procedures. DMEK grafts are peeled with a peripheral hinge attachment and yield a greater than 8mm diameter graft. An “F” or “S” orientation marking can be made on the graft upon request.


Partial thickness cornea graft for anterior lamellar procedures. Surgeon can request a full thickness graft and prepare themselves for deep lamellar procedures or can be pre-cut at the eye bank to specifications for superficial lamellar applications.


Graft consists of full thickness cornea with an intact 2-4 mm skirt of conjunctiva attached at the limbus.

DMEK Pre-Load

Straiko Modified DMEK Jones tube
The tissue has been prepared in an aseptic manner using the modified scuba technique, “F” or “S” stamped (optional), trephinated with a corneal punch, stained with trypan blue and loaded into a Modified Jones tube. Typical pre-punches are 7.5mm, 7.75mm and 8mm.

Long Term Preserved Tissue


Scleral tissue preserved in ethyl alcohol for various oculoplastic, glaucoma, and anterior segment surgical applications. This tissue is available in ¼, ½, or whole cup sizes. Custom sizes can also be made available upon request. 

Long Term Preserved Cornea

Whole or half corneas preserved in glycerol for various oculoplastic, glaucoma, and anterior segment surgical applications.


For advanced training, we offer wet labs and training sessions to help with your understanding of our services. We also offer one-on-one training to preview and practice with our tissue devices to prepare you for surgery with one of our experienced technicians.

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Research and Training

We honor those donors who wish to help cure blindness by providing tissue that can be used for training and research whenever transplantation is not an option. Please contact our distribution department to learn more about how we can support reputable institutions that are conducting groundbreaking vision research and training.

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Sierra Donor Services Eye Bank lent their support in providing the corneal tissue needed for my project. The process with smooth and easy – within a couple day’s notice, I could order cornea tissue for pick up. The results of this project were presented at the 2021 EBAA Cornea Forum. I am very grateful to SDSEB for their enthusiastic assistance with furthering research in eye banking and corneal transplantation!

Dr. Madeline Yung