Amphotericin B Supplemented Corneal Storage Media

SDSEB is now offering the ONLY FDA approved Amphotericin B supplemented media available in the U.S.

KERASAVE is validated to store corneal tissue at 4°C for up to 14 days. Kerasave media is FDA approved to be used with a slow-release tablet that maintains a 2.5 µg/ml concentration of Amphotericin B in solution for up to 14 days. This concentration has demonstrated to have effective antifungal activity while not having adverse effects on corneal endothelium. To learn more about Amphotericin B supplementation, please reach out to our team at


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Time-kill on porcine corneas contaminated with
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Endothelial cell density in donor corneas stored in KERASAVE and Optisol-GS for 14 days at 4°C.

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