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Every person in need deserves the “Gift of Sight”


At SDSEB, we believe that every person in need deserves the “gift of life.” In 2020, there were 12 million corneal disease cases worldwide that resulted in blindness or visual impairment – that can be reversed with corneal transplants. Our nonprofit agency works with physician partners in the US and around the world to fight treatable and preventable blindness by providing tissue for transplant.

Among our many humanitarian projects, we have worked with surgeons who have traveled to the Caribbean, South America, Central America, Asia, and Africa to support some very disadvantaged communities. The impact of these mission trips is substantial as this might be the only opportunity for some to receive any form of ophthalmic care. Many of these missions not only directly impact the patients being treated but involve training local nurses and physician on ophthalmic procedures that can have a lasting impact on the community.

One of the leaders of the international effort to treat those suffering from corneal blindness is Dr. Mark J. Mannis, Medical Director for SDSEB. Dr. Mannis has traveled on multiple missions around the world as part of the ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital. He has led comprehensive skills exchange programs aimed at strengthening the field of corneal surgery and raising awareness of eye care related conditions.

Another leader of the international effort is Dr. Patricia Sierra who travels to Honduras to enhance lives with the gift of sight. Since 2012, more than 600 corneal grafts were processed and transplanted to bring patients a better quality of life and a light of hope.

We are so thankful for each and every one of our donors and their families in helping make donation possible.

The Sierra Donor Services Eye Bank is proud to partner with leaders in ophthalmology that care about giving back to their community and helping the disadvantaged all over the world. We are thrilled to help those that we can, but the need is great. If you would like to help us restore sight and impact the lives of more people, please see the links below.

I am extremely grateful to Sierra Donor Services Eye Bank for donating corneal tissue for multiple mission trips to Honduras over the past 12 years. Thanks to their generosity, we have been able to perform PKPs, DALK and DSAEK transplants in patients with the greatest need. SDSEB also donated tissue for teaching and wet labs with Honduran ophthalmology residents. I know I can always count on SDSEB’s support locally and internationally!

– Patricia Sierra, MD