Crystal Landeros, Cornea Recipient

When 33-year-old Crystal Landeros was expecting her second child 12 years ago, she was diagnosed with Keratoconus – a degenerative disorder of the eye which causes the cornea to take on a conical shape. “It was painful, and everything was very blurry. When I had my baby, Daniel, I had to hold him up close to see his face.” But, six years later, when Crystal had her cornea transplants, life changed. “I like being ouside now, because for so long the light hurt my eyes and gave me headaches. Now, all I want to do is be outdoors, with my kids playing and watching them grow. I’m so thankful to my donors – because of them, I can see – and life, all around, is so much brighter.”

I’m extremely grateful to Brendon’s donor because now he gets to live the life he deserves to live.