Certain medical conditions can affect the eyes ability to properly lubricate the corneal surface. The application of eye drops may help alleviate discomfort from dry eyes. Vidaris autologous serum eye drops (ASED) are eye drops derived from ones own blood serum that nourish the eye like natural tears. Research findings suggest that ASED may have a therapeutic advantage for some patients because they contain biological components naturally found in healthy eyes.


We work with your physician to provide eye drops tailored exclusively for your dry eye needs.


All specimens are tested for sterility for the utmost safety for the patient. We are the only eye bank that performs culture testing for any contaminants prior to shipping.


Great care was taken to ensure the quality of your Vidaris therapy. We went through a 7-month process to ensure efficacy of your therapy.

How to get started with Vidaris

Speak with your physician to see if this therapy is right for you.

Go to a lab to get your blood drawn. We can help you locate a blood
collection center for you to get your blood drawn.

You will be contacted by our staff when your eye drops
are ready to be delivered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much blood is drawn? 
The lab will draw approximately 100 mL of blood. For reference, when you donate blood, you give approximately 475 mL of blood.

How long does it take to process my blood into serum eye drops?
From receipt of the blood to the filling of the droppers can take less than 30 minutes. The finished product will then be sent to a lab for required testing to ensure that the eye drops are free of contamination; this testing takes approximately two weeks.

Can eye drops be shared with another person?
The serum eye drops are intended solely for the patient whose blood they were derived from and should absolutely NOT be used by anyone else to eliminate the possibility of disease transmission.

How long can my serum eye drops stay out of refrigeration?
Ideally, the drops will only be out of refrigeration for as long as it takes to apply the prescribed amount to your eye(s). If you must take the eye drops with you when you leave home, they should be transported and stored in a cooler with wet ice from your home freezer. Eye drops that have reached room temperature should be discarded. If there is any question about how long a bottle has been left out, discard it and open a new bottle.

Why did I receive a different number of bottles than last time?
The amount of bottles received is dependent upon the amount of serum that can be extracted from the blood. This amount may vary with each blood draw due to level of hydration, amount of diuretics consumed before the draw, and various genetic factors. A change in prescription may also affect the number of bottles received.

“After living for so many years wondering why my eyes hurt so often, an Ophthalmologist felt that I would be a good candidate for Vidaris. Within two days of beginning using the drops, the pain was gone.”

Bonnie D.