Who We Are

Focused on YOU

Sierra Donor Services Eye Bank (SDS Eye Bank) enjoys a distinguished history of setting our sights high – providing exceptional service, an outstanding safety record and high quality ocular tissue in our donor service areas. For more than three decades we have provided the gift of sight to our communities.

We are proud to foster an environment where selfless professionals are committed to our life-changing work. Our performance is measured by the impact we have on the lives of donors and families who make transplantation possible, and the patients whose lives are saved and enhanced by their gifts. By mobilizing the power of people and the potential of technology, we extend the reach of each donor’s gift to maximize the Gift of Sight.

Specifically, Sierra Donor Services Eye Bank is a nonprofit donor network coordinating the recovery of eye tissue in California, Nevada, Tennessee and Virginia. SDS Eye Bank is part of the DCI Donor Services, Inc. (DCIDS) family of organ and tissue recovery organizations, which includes the aforementioned states, plus New Mexico, giving it an exceptional advantage of total control of tissue recovery, processing and distribution. SDS Eye Bank, in collaboration with a team of esteemed medical directors, establishes donor eligibility criteria which comply with and exceed all state and federal regulatory standards and regulations.

Because of SDS Eye Bank’s commitment to our local communities, we are able to consistently provide high quality ocular tissue — ensuring that every person in need receives the Gift of Sight.