EBAA Congratulates SDS on Quality Achievement

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In the February edition of the Eye Bank Association of America’s e-newsletter, the organization congratulated Sierra Donor Services for achieving safety and quality within the organization.

EBAA NewsletterSierra Donor Services’ Quality Department Now Certified Through the American Society of Quality

Sierra Donor Services (SDS) has announced that its entire Quality Department staff is now certified through the American Society of Quality (ASQ), the national body which oversees quality.

All ten Quality Department employees at SDS are now Certified Quality Improvement Associates (CQIA). In addition, three staff are also Certified Quality Auditors (CQA), one staff member is CQPA (Certified Quality Process Analyst), and one staff member is CQM/OE (Certified Quality Manager of Organizational Excellence).“It’s exceptional to have all employees ASQ certified – with a proficient understanding of the principles and metrics of robust quality system. It adds credibility and clarity to the work we do,” said Kimber Ramos, SDS Director of Quality and Regulatory Compliance.

The EBAA congratulates the following SDS Quality Department employees for their achievement and their efforts to ensure safety and quality with their organization!

Stephanie Cottrell
Marian Demichei
Abby Johnson
Crystal King
Shanna Laskey
Larry Olveda
Kristen Pereira
Chin Phu
Cris Schutz
Sue Shindelbower