Crystal Landeros’ Story

When 33-year-old Crystal Landeros was expecting her second child 12 years ago, she was diagnosed with Keratoconus – a degenerative disorder of the eye which causes the cornea to take on a conical shape. “It was painful, and everything was very blurry. When I had my baby, Daniel, I had to hold him up close to see his

Rochelle Franco’s Story

When Rochelle Franco, of Shingle Springs, was 4 years old, a virus caused severe scarring on her left eye, leaving her legally blind in that eye. At 16 years old, she received a cornea transplant. Twenty five years later, she is still grateful for her near perfect eyesight. “It’s a gift that I’ve never forgotten.

Thomas Hernandez’s Story

The teen years for 33-year-old Thomas Hernandez, of Stockton, were particularly trying. When he was 13, he was diagnosed with Keratoconus, a degenerative disorder which causes the cornea to change shape. “My vision was 20/400. I couldn’t read well, and started having learning disabilities and horrible headaches.” But, in his late twenties, Thomas, had life-changing

Patricia Kolberg’s Story

From the time she was a little girl, Patricia Kolberg of El Dorado says she fought to see. At age 49, she was diagnosed with Fuch’s Dystrophy, a degenerative disease of the cornea. “When the glare of bright lights would hit my eyes, it would just blind me, I was in agony.” The mental health

Tom Dekker’s Story

Tom Dekker of Sacramento, says his wife, Frances, also affectionately known as “Nani” by her seven children, and 16 grandchildren, was a generous, charismatic and loving person.  He says it was an easy decision to allow her to become a cornea donor, after she passed away suddenly at age 67, from a pulmonary embolism. “The

Leisa Wilson’s Story

A bacterial infection in her eye, left Leisa Wilson, with a hole in her cornea and nearly blind. She was a single mother of three young children at the time, and remembers, “I couldn’t function, drive, sleep or be in a room with light.  It basically stopped my whole life.”  But, nine months later, Leisa

Lucas’ Story

Four-year-old Lucas of Marysville, faced possible blindness in his right eye, from the day he was born.  A dermatoid — a growth the size of a pea — severely impaired his vision.  But, thanks to donated eye tissue, his eyesight has returned.  Now Lucas, an active and fun-loving kindergartner, can see clearly and enjoy his