DSAEK Pre-Cut Corneas

SDSEB now offers the advantage of Descemet’s Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasy (DSAEK) pre-cut corneas.  This provides you, the physician, with ocular tissue cut to exact specifications, and is a service provided by less than a handful of eye banks on the West Coast.

“Our ability to provide the technology of DSAEK pre-cut corneas, allows us to more fully honor the donor’s gift,” notes Ocular Director for Sierra Donor Services Eye Bank, Sam Ramos.  “Pre-cutting tissue for our surgeons ensures that the ocular tissue is optimal for the very best outcomes for patients.  What sets our eye bank apart from others is that we care – and our single-minded adherence to excellence and safety in the handling of every donor’s gift recovered at our eye bank, translates into the highest quality tissue.  This allows surgeons to focus on the patient.”

SDSEB Medical Director, Dr. Mark J. Mannis, a nationally recognized pioneer in the field of eye-banking, echoes those thoughts. “Sierra Donor Services Eye Bank has established itself as the preferred provider of ocular tissue in the communities from where our donor tissue is recovered. Our team of skilled and dedicated professionals relentlessly focuses on quality. This translates into full confidence in the safety and quality of our ocular tissue — on the part of our surgeons, partners and patients.”